Jigsaw Puzzle Manufacturing

Are you looking for a company to turn your creative work into high-quality, custom-printed Jigsaw Puzzles? If so, you have come to the right place. Our company does one thing only – design and manufacture Jigsaw Puzzles… and we are good at it!

Puzzles Unlimited are the premier manufacturer of specialty custom made-to-order jigsaw puzzles.

Whether you are an individual artist or photographer looking to launch your first line of bespoke “limited edition” puzzles; a museum or tourist attraction looking for specialty merchandise to sell in your gift stores; or a corporate training department looking for ways to get your message across, then our team is here to turn your ideas into reality.

All inquiries are handled by experienced Account Managers who will work with you to bring your puzzle vision to reality. We provide an all-in-one service from concept, through product design, to manufacturing and after-sales service. Our goal is easy and painless to produce your own range of custom-printed puzzles.

Jigsaw Puzzle Manufacturing

Why Choose Us?

Whatever your purpose, if you need Jigsaw Puzzles then we are your best choice for the following reasons:

Our benefits

  • With 20 years of experience, we know what it takes to make a high-quality, successful Jigsaw Puzzle. We make it our business to make your puzzle project a success.
  • Every order is given personal attention by our production team. From graphics layout to scheduling and quality control, we care about each order.
  • Our puzzle quality results from accurate colors, high-quality printing, unique die line cuts, and attention to detail.
  • With order quantities starting as low as 64 puzzles, we offer the best prices in the business with progressive discounts for larger quantities.
  • We are flexible, allowing multiple designs per order – this allows you to test different sizes and images to find the ones that sell.
  • Our range of puzzle sizes and piece counts is unrivaled – from small promotional postcard puzzles to large 1000-piece puzzles.
  • A professional Graphics Department is available to work with you on your product layouts. Before ever going to print, we produce a unique 3D graphical preview of how your final puzzles will look.
  • We design our own puzzle die cuts. If your requirements are non-standard, we would be happy to look at a custom die design for you.

Since the day that John Spilsbury of London, picked up his marquetry saw in 1767 and created the world’s first puzzle, we have been fascinated. The world loves jigsaws and we love designing and producing them for you to sell to your customers.

Jigsaw Puzzle Manufacturing


Puzzle Printing Inquiry Form

Each customer is different, so contact us today and tell us what you are looking for. Our Sales Manager would be happy to take your requirements and work on a package deal for you.

Jigsaw Puzzle Manufacturing