Customer Spotlight: Castle & Key Distillery

At Castle & Key Distillery, history is not just in the bourbon but in the very walls of its iconic structures. Their commitment to restoring the grandeur of Kentucky’s distilling past is paired beautifully with Puzzles Unlimited’s dedication to crafting memorable puzzle experiences.

Castle & Key Distillery Puzzle

A Partnership of Craft and Care

In the shared spirit of innovation and tradition, Castle & Key Distillery has joined forces with Puzzles Unlimited. Known for their work in restoration and craft spirits, this custom-designed 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle mirrors Castle & Key’s architectural elegance and rich history.

The puzzle features the distillery’s Boiler Room and Castle, symbolizing resilience and rebirth. These elements illustrate the distillery’s physical landscape and the spirit of revival.

Castle & Key recognizes the value of offering a branded jigsaw puzzle featuring its historic premises as a way for visitors to take a piece of the castle home. By providing a puzzle that depicts their meticulously restored distillery, they offer customers a unique, engaging product that doubles as both a keepsake and a conversation starter.

Puzzles Unlimited is committed to working with distilleries and vineyards to create memorable branded products. Their expertise ensures that each puzzle not only captivates but also embodies the brand’s essence, making it a perfect addition to gift stores.

Branded Jigsaw Puzzle

An Experience Crafted for Enjoyment

Crafted using eco-friendly materials and vivid, safe inks, this puzzle invites bourbon lovers and history buffs to pour a glass of Castle & Key’s finest, engage in the art of puzzle assembly, and relax into the rich tapestry of Kentucky’s distilling heritage.

Pairing our bourbon with a Puzzles Unlimited jigsaw is just the perfect way to unwind,” remarks a Castle & Key spokesperson. “We are delighted to offer an experience that combines relaxation with a rich historical narrative.
Tommie Dunlap, Castle & Key

Available for purchase through Castle & Key’s online shop, this puzzle has become a cherished product for those who appreciate the convergence of tactile pleasure and taste. It’s an invitation to slow down and savor the craftsmanship of the puzzle and the bourbon.

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